The Vacations Quest difference
15+ cumulative years of experience in safari tours operations and holiday planning in Africa and beyond!

Wondering why book with us?
Our aim is really quite simple – to offer you the very best advice and to ensure that your holiday is logistically flawless whilst you are in a new destination. We make your trip simple, safe and stress-free so you can focus on enjoying your vacation and a destination has to offer, we will take care of all of the details. Vacations Quest prides itself on exceptional service from the moment you contact us to until you board your plane to head home. We understand that travelling to a new and different destination may seem complicated and daunting and we make it easy.

These are some of the differences that set Vacations Quest apart from the other companies

  1. Over a decade of “hands on” experience
    With over a decade of “hands on” experience, continued research and a thorough product knowledge, we stand as one of Africa’s most experienced, competent and reliable holiday planners and tour operators of the present time. We understand the various cultural aspects of all our destinations intimately. With a representation of over twenty offices worldwide and dedicated partners, we have come up with well researched and planned holiday packages, safaris and tour itineraries based on years of experience and we ensure that all our vehicles, routes, ancillary and support services are regularly inspected.
  2. Unlimited mileage and no fuel restrictions on game drives.
    Most tour operators, including many high end companies, enforce strict mileage or fuel restrictions on game drives to minimize costs. At Vacations Quest, we encourage off-the-beaten path game drives to remote corners of the parks for exclusive game viewing and do not restrict our driver guides with fuel limits or mileage restrictions.
  3. Unlimited bottled water and snacks
    Unlimited mineral water, refreshments, cookies and snacks are provided in the safari vehicle for guests’ enjoyment while on game drives. We also provide camping chairs and a portable table are provided in each Land Cruiser in Tanzania so that you can take a break during your game drive and enjoy a coffee in a beautiful location.
  4. A pair of high quality binoculars for each guest’s use while on safari. Binoculars are a “must have” piece of equipment and absolutely essential for game viewing on safari.
  5. Mobile phone with prepaid air minutes for use during the safari to reach your driver guide in the evenings (in case you want to change morning plans, or have a problem which needs solving) or to call our head office on any issues or report a complaint, or to receive calls from family or friends.
  6. Extended 6 seater or 8 seater Land Cruiser , 8 Seater mini vans, with custom extra-large windows for exceptional game viewing and photographing; sockets for charging camera batteries, phone, iPad, etc.; small fridge for keeping drinks cold; extra cushions on seats for comfort; removable shade cover; bean bags for photography (if requested).
  7. Top notch driver guides. We have some of the best guides in the industry who are passionate about the bush and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and love for wildlife with their clients. For them it’s not just a job. They will go the extra mile in an attempt to exceed your expectations and provide you with an unforgettable safari experience. They love what they do and it shows. Our guides will not follow the crowd or “radio chase” (this happens when guides get lazy and rely on chatter on the radio to find lions, leopards, cheetah). Instead our guides will take you off the beaten path and will always look for game using their skills so you’re not sharing a lion sighting with 30 or 40 other vehicles. In order to recruit and retain top guides, we offer excellent compensation and continuing education opportunities to our guides. We understand that on safari, it is the guide who will make or break your safari.
  8. We build trust | Secure Payment
    With Vacations Quest, you’ll pay for your whole trip with just one click. There are no nasty surprises awaiting you later. We provide a trusted platform by offering secure online payments to a reputable company in a stable and trusted country, Germany, where our headquarters are located. Our payment method also eliminates the need to pay several different agencies.
  9. Real knowledge, Real experiences | Outstanding Local Knowledge
    At Vacations Quest, we personally select all of the local agencies we work with to ensure they live up to our standard of experience, knowledge, and passion for the job. Each and every trip we put on our website has been run past our own panel of travel experts who judge it for uniqueness, adventure, excitement and much more.
    Using our incredible itineraries you can work with your chosen Destination Expert to craft your ideal trip depending on your own personal tastes.
  10. We support sustainable travel | Responsible Tourism
    As inhabitants of the earth, we feel it is our responsibility to help maintain her pristine condition. We refuse to engage in any business practice that wastes natural resources and we only partner with agencies who have the same ideas towards responsible tourism.
    Let us take you to places of unimaginable beauty and let you experience a vacation that you will treasure for a lifetime. Let us show you the magic of our mother nature.
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