Prison Island
Reaching Prison Island from Stone Town harbour, embarking on “dhows”, after about 30 minutes of sail among the blue waters of Zanzibar, we will land directly on the beautiful white beach. After just a few minutes’ walk, we will be able to enjoy the company of the amazing tortoises, who have been living on this island for more than 150 years.
After a visit to the old prisons, we will leave towards the “sand stretch”; during the navigation (about 45 minutes), the breakfast will be served. This stretch of sand is surrounded by crystal waters, where we will dive or snorkel among colourful fishes and breath-taking corals. The lunch, composed by fish- and meat BBQ together with a choice of typical local dishes and accompanied by fruit juices and fresh fruits, will be served under the shadow of colourful “kangas”. We will still have plenty of time for enjoying the beautiful sea in absolute freedom.

Kwale Island
This trip is entirely dedicated to the discovery of the sea and the beautiful landscapes which characterize the island of Zanzibar. Aboard of the “dhows”, the typical local boats, we will explore the wonderful Menai Bay, famous for the large number of dolphins who very often can be found here.
Our trip will continue towards a breath-taking sand stretch, from where it will be possible to start an amazing guided snorkelling tour. After that, we will sail to Kwale Island where the lunch will be served, based on a mouth-watering BBQ on the beach, completed by a huge choice of tropical fruits.
After lunch, we may visit the famous “century-old” baobab and – if the tide will allow it – swim in the crystal water of the mangrove forest.
If the winds are favourable, we will come back under sail.

Kizimkazi is a small fishermen village which, apart from representing a beautiful chance of witnessing the real life of Zanzibar people, is the starting point for the small motorboats aboard of which we will enjoy this short trip (half-day).
Located in the southern part of Zanzibar, Kizimkazi offers the opportunity of making a wonderful trip, particularly suitable for the snorkelling fans, for those who love swimming in the open waters and especially for those who love dolphins. As a matter of fact, these amazing creatures are the focus of our trip.
The small boats, piloted by experienced fishermen, are in fact the most ideal solution to get close to these beautiful marine mammals, without neither scaring them not hurt them.
And…don’t forget your camera!

Jozani Forest
This trip will allow us to enter the sole primeval forest of the Island which, in an unspoiled landscape larger than 2,400 hectares, is home of many troops of Red Colobus – Zanzibar’s endemic monkey – and Diademed Monkey (Cercopithecus family).
This big and colourful monkeys are renowned for their curiosity, and it’s quite usual to see them getting near to visitors: They are quite shy, though, and it’s very difficult reaching and touching one of them. Feeding these monkeys is strictly forbidden, especially because their digestive system doesn’t allow them to eat fresh fruits which – on the contrary – can seriously damage them.
We will walk among the majestic trees of the forest, and we will enjoy the beauty of mahogany, plane trees, ferns and many other species. Our trip will end with a tour of a huge mangrove swamp.

Spicy Tour
This short trip (half-day) will make us dive into the Island’s inland, where we’ll discover its more secluded traditions and culture.
We will be guided into an authentic village, where well experience first-hand the Zanzibar real life, quite far from the glossy world of five-star resorts.
We will have the opportunity of observing the famous wood in layers, and buying their original handcrafted local products. The tour will continue among spice cultivations and orchards, where experienced farmers will show you the secrets of the most famous spices; after that, a complimentary tasting of tropical fruits will refresh us.
At the end of the tour, you will be able to buy the perfumed spices directly from the producers.

Stone Town
The ancient Stone Town, town-made-of-stone and capital of Zanzibar, is one of the most fascinating places in the western coast of the Island: a complicated maze of winding alleys surrounded by coral, whitewashed houses; beyond every corner there could be an unforgettable glimpse, colourful markets (with their unbelievably strong smells), handicrafts, street vendors and places one could think they existed only in the legends.
This half-day tour (usually in the afternoon) will be dedicated to the visit of this fabulous town, with its majestic palaces oozing history and culture: The Palace of Wonders, the Arab Fort, the Anglican Church and the wonderful inlayed portals. For the most inveterate rock fans, stopping for a moment in front of the house where Freddie Mercury was born will be a must.
Our tour will end with a “free shopping session” among the alleys of the town-made-of-stone, visiting the typical shops with the opportunity of buying the famous Tanzanite. After that, we could wait for the mesmerizing sunset, enjoying a drink at Africa House’s.

Quad Adventure
Every day, in the morning or in the afternoon, we offer you the opportunity to take part to our Quad Safari Off Road, which will last about 3,5 hours. You will drive your Quad through a wild landscape, encountering typical Zanzibarian villages, plantations of sugar cane, banana, spices and above all the famous century-old baobab: a unique opportunity to discover the most secluded areas of this beautiful Island. During our tour, we will stop for an hour in a village where you will meet its inhabitants; you will visit their homes, experiencing the real life; you will then enjoy the tropical fruits offered by the old women of the village, and you will be surrounded by hordes of children…don’t forget ball pens and candies!
Every Quad can host up to two passengers, and the minors cannot drive and must be accompanied by an adult. We will provide helmets and K-Ways (in case of rain).

Kendwa Sunset
Kendwa is an area situated in the northern part of Zanzibar, and it’s famous for its beautiful white beaches but above all for its unforgettable sunsets: this is a “must” for people who love sea, photography…and drinks on the beach!
A private car with driver will pick you up directly at your residence, and will drive you to Kendwa, where you will arrive in about half an hour.
Enjoy your drinks and the breath-taking sunset. If, after that, you would like to continue your night out in Kendwa, you will have many opportunities: night life is fantastic, and there’s plenty of restaurants and places where you can eat and enjoy your stay.
Your driver will wait for you until you’ll decide it’s time to go back home.

Diving Tours
Zanzibar is an island in the middle of Indian Ocean, thus it’s the ideal place to enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving. Although almost every beach offers beautiful snorkelling opportunities, the best diving site is undoubtedly Mnemba Island, located in the north-eastern corner of Zanzibar sea.
Here you’ll be able to swim with sea turtles, dolphins, groupers, reef sharks and you will enjoy the colourful corals and their small inhabitants. Among the other things, Mnemba is a heaven for macro-photography addicted.
Since diving here it’s the Best, we’ve chosen the best diving company in Zanzibar: One Ocean, a PADI Five-star centre which organizes any kind of diving trip, from snorkelling to deep diving.
Should you fall in love with these activities, One Ocean offers you scuba diving courses under PADI teaching techniques, from Open Water to Dive Master. You cannot leave Zanzibar without having had a glimpse of its beautiful underwater world.

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