9 Days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking Safari



Mountain Rwenzori Park is a splendid world of ice and snow, with its massive ice-rime sculptures and mind-boggling vegetation, and arguably surpasses other afro-alpine areas in its beauty, wonder and interest to mountaineering enthusiasts .
Rwenzori Mountains National Park was gazetted in 1991. A mountain range that covers 996km2 formed after a massive uplift in the earths crust. The highest peak rises to 5109 metes ASL with the range stretching some 120 km north/south and 48 km east/west. With 6 snow capped mountains Margherita Peak is the highest.

The Rwenzori Mountains is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. The head quarters of the national park are in Nyakalenjija village along the Mubuku valley. The Congolese part of the Rwenzori is also part of the Virunga National Park.

Since 1994 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering an area of 99,600 hectares in western Uganda (or 996 square km), 70% of which exceeds an altitude of 2,500 m, the Rwenzori mountains comprise an extremely steep and rugged mountain range for 120 km along the Uganda and Congo border.

It includes six glaciers peaks: Mt.Stanley, Mt.Speke (4.890m), Mt.Baker, Mt.Gessi (in the Congolese side, 4.715 m), and Mt. Emin (4.791 m). Mt. Luigi di Savoia. Mount Stanley, with Alexandra (5.083 m), Margherita (5,109 m) and Albert peaks (5.101 m) is the highest point. The park provides stunning views of the glacier and snow-capped mountains just kilometers from the equator further extending to the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The mountains consist of ancient rocks which were extruded from the surrounding plains during the formation of the western rift valley. These Precambrian rocks have produced soils of low fertility, except on parts of the northern ridge where volcanic ash from the Fort Portal plateau was deposited.


Day 1

Arrival at Entebbe airport by morning flight. Transfer to Kasese via Mbarara for lunch at the Agip Motel Mbarara. The journey takes you along the L. Victoria on a good road to Mbarara. From here, the landscape charges to a hilly and fertile area with tea and banana plantations. Dinner and overnight at the Margarita Hotel/Rwenzori Base Camp Guest House.

Day 2
Nyakalengija 1600m - Nybitaba Hut 2652m Nyabitaba hut.

From the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Head Quarter at Nyakalengija, 1.646 m, you will receive the briefing from the guides, with the possibility of hiring equipment. The hike starts through the plantations and homes of the Bakonjo, the people of the mountain, gradually reaching garden plots and elephants grass. You follow the Mobuku River, until crossing the Mahoma River. The trail passes through an open bracken fern slopes and Podorcarpus Forest, up to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m, which is the arrival point for the day. This will take from 5 to 6 hours. From the location, you are facing on the North the Portal Peaks, 4.627 m. and in front Mount Kyniangoma. During the day, you might see monkeys, the Rwenzori turacoos

The hiking of the Rwenzoris begins from this point

Day 3
Nybitaba Hut 2650m - John Matte Hut 3414m

Descend the ridge to the Mubuku River then climb through bamboo forest toward John Matte Hut (3414m). The afternoon is tiring boulder hopping ascending along the north side of the Bujuku river through giant heather forest (4.1/2-5.1/2 hours).

Day 4
John Matte Hut (3414m) - Bujuku Hut 3972m

Trek from John Matte Hut (3380m) to Bujuku Hut (3977m). We encounter the first of notorious bogs for which the Uganda approach to the peaks is famous. Traverse around Bigo Bog and Lake Bujuku. Look for the ‘everlasting flower’ known to remain on the plants for 40-years!

Day 5
Bujuku Hut 3900m- Elena Hut 4541m

From Bujuku Hut you climb through moss draped groundsel vegetation, to Scott Elliot Pass, 4.372 m., between Mt. Baker and Stanley. Here you divert to Elena Hut, 4.540 m. for spending the night before climbing Mt. Stanley.

Day 6
The Elena glacier to the Stanley Plateau

The Elena glacier to the Stanley Plateau where crampons may be required. Cross this in Elena Hut 4541m – Punta Margherita 5109 m. – Elena Hut 4541m- Kitandara Hut, 4.023 m. Elena Hut to Margherita peak (5109m) then down Elena Hut 4541m . Early morning traverse of a NW direction and follow the Margherita glacier to the col and to the summit (3 hours). Descend to Elena Hut and after you descend to Upper Kitandara lake and through thick mud to Lower Kitandara lake where is located Kitandara Hut, 4.023 m. Time to complete the hike about 3 hours more. From Kitandara Hut you can proceed for climbing Mount Baker or Mount Luigi di Savoia and the peak Vittorio Sella. Enjoy the view of Mt. Luigi di Savoia.

Day 7
Kitandara Hut - Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m.

From Lake Kitandara you climb to Fresh field Pass, 4.282 m., a long flat of high alpine mossy glades, before descending the circuit among rocky and boggy areas. The panorama is dominated by the glaciers of Mounts Stanley and Baker and Mount of Savoy. A muddy trail leads to Akendahi, Bujongolo and Kabamba rock shelters, where starts the Kabamba valley down to Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m. This can take up to 6 hours. The hut is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, vegetations and rivers.

Day 8
Guy Yeoman Hut - Nyabitaba hut.

Drop very steeply alongside the Mobuku River, past Kichuchu, another rock shelter and join our original route near the confluence of the Bujuku River (3.1/2 hours).

Day 9
Nyabitaba- Nyakalengija base camp for overnight.

Nyabitaba Hut to the Nyakalengija road head (2-hours). Descend steeply off the ridge and notice enter the warm rainforest. Look for the tropical forest birds and monkeys. *Car leaves Kampala to pick Guests Drive back to Entebbe or Kampala, having lunch on the way.
Climbers must be prepared to walk for up to 8 hours every day via steep cliff and muddy paths. Climbers must bring along their own climbing gear or hire it at the base camp. Our porters carry 8 kg of personal climbing gear

We invite you to join us on what will be a very challenging but ultimately extremely rewarding climb in one of the world’s greatest ranges – the Rwenzori commonly known to outside world as ‘The Mountains of the moon’

The approximate distance is 470 Kms.
The estimated travel time is 6-7 Hrs

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9 Days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking Safari
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