2022 Kenya Ornithologists Delight- November Tour


Scheduled Tour -02 November – 19 November
It is not easy to describe Kenya in just a few words, but it would be fair to say that it is one of the most superb birding destinations in the world. Add the huge numbers and variety of mammals and the large diversity of scenery and you really do have the ingredients for a wonderful experience. This tour has been arranged to visit some of the best birding sites in the country and to see as many bird species as possible.

Targeted Birds Species
 Sharpe’s Longclaw
 Hinde’s Babbler
 Rock Pratincole
 Great Blue Turaco
 Hueglin’s Courser
 Turner’s Eremomela
 Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye
 Secretary bird,
 Martial Eagle
 Blue-breasted Bee-eater,
 Rufous-bellied Heron
 Southern Ground Hornbill
 African Crowned Eagle,
 Equatorial Akalat


Day 1 :

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2022 Kenya Ornithologists Delight- November Tour
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