Well MICE is a popular name in business travel sector today. The boring corporate meetings have been transformed to enjoyable events now-a-days and MICE largely contribute to this. MICE stands for MEETINGS, INCENTIVES, CONFERENCES and EXHIBITIONS. It is a niche of group tourism dedicated to business events and activities. Vacations Quest provides all the solutions related to MICE travel. Whether it is meetings, incentives, conferences or exhibitions

MEETINGS-In context of business, meeting is said to be a group of people or just two people gathering at one place for a particular activity in a formal setting. It could be a one-time event and it may recur regularly such as Annual General Meetings or a monthly department meeting, board meetings, staff meeting, one-on-one meeting between two people.

INCENTIVES-Incentive is something which motivates the employees to work more efficiently as in return it rewards them with a particular sum which gets added to their salary. But sometimes it also offers its employees a travel reward where the employee can enjoy the travel reward and can take his family as well. It is also known as Incentive Travel which is organized by MICE tour operators.

CONFERENCES-Conferences are almost similar to meetings but there is one difference between them. Conferences are specific objective and people talk about topics and share their opinions. It is actually a meeting where people exchange their ideas and information.

EXHIBITIONS-Exhibition is the showcasing of the set of products or display of organized presentation in a particular place or event. It can range from a largest one to smallest one. Many organizations arrange exhibitions where they showcase their products. Exhibitions can be a part of any conference or event.

Over the years, the mice sector has evolved enormously and more company directors are aware of what an incredible tool for their business MICE tourism is. Whether to motivate and strengthen their team with an incentive trip, to communicate their products and services through congresses and conventions, to reach their communication goals through events or to promote their contact network in meetings and conferences
As a tour operator specialising in MICE, at Vacations Quest we design personalised solutions for whatever your business goal is, always meeting these identity principles:

  • Experience and specialisation in the provision of our services
  • Creativity and innovation in the design of our incentive trips and corporate or sports events
  • Commitment to the attainment of the goals defined by you
  • Efficiency, efficacy and a personalised, tailor-made service, available 365 days and 24 hours a day

To us, each project is a new opportunity to innovate. We bear in mind trends for its development (or we may even be ahead of them) and the integration of new approaches and processes that are being implemented in agencies for the MICE sector. This is how, as a specialised MICE travel agency, we develop each project with all the creativity and motivation of our team so that it is unique, special and unforgettable.
We are aware The MICE customer has high expectations for high-quality services and personalised customer service. This calls for a knowledgeable, professional and prepared tour operator that Vacations Quest is. We package together the various components of your tour such as your hotel, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours and sometimes flight.

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