Adventure Camping Safaris in Kenya & Tanzania

Our budget group tours are adventure camping safaris that give you the real feel of the unpredictable African wilderness. You get as close to nature as possible. From the roaring sounds of the lions, to the sweet melodies of the birds, to the cracking sounds of hyenas, you will experience nature at its closest.

You will travel on rough adventurous roads, pass tiny rural settlements and see fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife.

All your senses will be involved; from smelling early morning coffee, experiencing the thrill of a kill to the chill of a morning game drives. Falling asleep to the hooting of an owl or waking up with the roaring of a lion is what you will experience. The safari experience is all the more intense as you are ‘right in the middle’ of it all. The nearness to the nature, especially at night with its nocturnal sounds, compensates for the luxury of a lodge.

Our camping safaris offer all of this and are therefore perfect for nature lovers and those who are looking for a break from civilization and its comforts. Camping is to experience East Africa’s nature, animals and cultures in an affordable way.

Tanzania Camping Safaris

A camping safari in the bush of Tanzania is the quintessential private African safari experience. Just a piece of cloth between you and the African night. A quire of nocturnal birds, insects and distant roaring lions lullabies you to sleep.
Sitting around an open camp fire with the southern skies bright over head is the real way of appreciating Africa’s magic. There are campsites everywhere and camping facilitates in all our safari itineraries, to any park or wilderness area in Tanzania.

Unlike our Kenya Camping safaris which utilizes permanent tented accommodation, in Tanzania, our  clients will their tents assembled for them each evening and collapsed again in the morning by our staff, with the tents being packed away and stored on the vehicle, for use again the following evening. Tanzania budget Camping safaris are rewarding experiences because visitors feel like they’re participating in a real African adventure, but still have all the services of safari drivers, guides, and a chef to take care of all their needs. While on camping safari you will have a chef who will be preparing delicious fresh foods for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

Adventure styles

A safari to Africa should be about more than just the ‘big five’ animals and well-known sites. It should also be about the discovery of off-beat and remote areas, seeking out smaller creatures and interacting with different cultures. Vacations Quest aims to offer the widest choice of safaris possible, taking in not just famous sites and places but also the less explored but equally fascinating destinations.

We offer a broad selection of small-group safaris. Adventures designed to suite a range of individual styles and budgets. So whether you are a safari enthusiast or a first time visitor to Africa, a single traveler or part of a group of family or friends, there will be a safari to suit you here.

What to expect on an Adventure Camping Safari?

You will stay in public campsites, located inside the park or on private campsites on the outskirts. The campsites in the parks are not fenced and it is not unlikely that you may find elephants wandering between the tents or bump into antelopes on your way to the shower.

Accommodation will be in waterproof 2-person-tents (2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high) with built-in mosquito nets at the entrances and windows. Comfortable 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses are provided, as well as robust camping furniture such as tables, safari chairs, functional cutlery and crockery. Our camping equipment is of superior quality, regularly inspected and serviced.

You will also be accompanied by a skilled safari cook who will take care of your well-being. He will prepare all meals, often even including a packed meal for a picnic lunch. Early morning eggs and sausages, coffee and bread, snacks and evenings with stews and salads.

The camp and food will be set up and prepared for you, so that you can just relax and enjoy your holiday.

Similarly, on our Kenya Camping safaris, you will have a safari cook  and camp support staff, do all the chores…accommodation as mentioned earlier is in permanent tents raised above the ground with all ensuite facilities including cold and hot showers, beddings, mosquito nets and such..

What you need to bring:-

  • Personal spending money
  • Additional toiletries: – toilet paper, bathing soap and Towels.
  • Bathroom slippers
  • Insect repellent; -Enough film for your cameras
  • Light clothes for day wear
  • Warm jacket/pullover/sweat-shirt/fleece for the chilly evenings and mornings
  • Sneakers, walking boots or sandals (comfortable walking shoe).
  • A sense of humour & a spirit of adventure
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