What to Pack for your Africa Safari

Generally, we recommend you pack light and use layers.
Please take note that many safaris utilize small planes (light twin engine) flights which limit luggage, including carry-ons to 15-25kgs – per person, though some private charters may be less. Soft sided luggage or duffle bags are recommended. When flying by light aircraft, your luggage cannot have wheels, frames or rigid structures –Check with your carrier for specific luggage requirements on your trip. A day pack to store binoculars, wildlife guides and a rain jacket is helpful while on game drives.

When packing, keep in mind some lodges and camps will do guest laundry (some at a nominal fee) but most will not wash women’s underwear for cultural reasons.

o 2-3 pairs long pants. Convertible (zip-off) pants and quick dry fabrics are a good option.
o 2-3 pairs shorts
o 3-4 short-sleeved T-shirts or polo shirts
o 2 long-sleeved shirts
o Travel dress or skirt (women, for city or train travel)
o 1 sweater, sweatshirt or fleece evenings /mornings might get colder
o 1 rain jacket
o 1 light jacket
o Swimwear
o enough pairs of underwear
o Bras + full support garments for bumpy roads
o 7 pairs socks
o Comfortable walking shoes
o Sandals or flipflops
o Sun hat
o Sunscreen/sun balm
o Wet wipes or hand sanitizer
o Medication including malaria tablets should be in your carry-on
o Basic medical/toiletry kit (aspirin, Imodium, antiseptic cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
o Binoculars
o Camera with plenty of film or memory sticks and chargers (back up charger is recommended)
o Reading material
o Special foods or snacks
o Mosquito /insect repellant
o Adapters or converters for electronic equipment
o Flashlight
o Copy of your passport and insurance policy – also leave a copy at home
Optional suggested items
o Gloves, hat and scarf (especially during Africa’s winter months)
o Mini travel surge protector (for protecting your electronic equipment)
o Gifts for children such as pencils, pens, toys, sweets, paper, etc. We recommend giving these gifts directly to a school or your driver to distribute.
o Gifts for drivers/camp crew such as T-shirts, pins, small LED key chain flashlight, mementos, etc.

Please Note: Bright colors and camouflage clothing are not recommended while on game drives. People in many African countries expect visitors to dress conservatively. Also, consider taking a change of clothes and your toiletries in your carry-on bag in case of lost or delayed luggage.

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