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We don’t add DIS to ability! IF WE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

The purpose of this page not to dazzle you with the places we have been to, but to inspire you to realize it is possible for you to go anywhere you would love to see. No place in your dreams is impossible- Disability is NOT inability!
Vacations Quest has successfully facilitated and still offer accessible travel to people with special needs, in particular, we do cater to:

-People with mobility & Access issues
-People with Albinism
-The Senior citizens and slow walkers
-Hearing Impaired/ Deaf

At Vacations Quest, we realize that those with physical challenges need all the room they can get to grow and expand beyond the limits imposed upon them by their conditions. They need to have courage and break out of the mold, break out of thinking that they can’t do this or go there.
A Many people think it is too hard, and just stay home. That would explain why you meet few special needs people as you travel the world. They give up before they start. They fear they will get into situations that will embarrass them, or overwhelm them. They poke themselves in a jug that limits their ability to grow and expand – and just stay home.
You must believe you have the power to overcome your circumstances. Think about yourself and your situation in a different way. See yourself achieving what you dream of doing, and then find a way to make that happen. People all over the world will help you. They admire you for trying, want you to succeed and are eager to make it happen.
If you can believe, then you can travel to the places of your dreams and it will make no difference if your destination is 10,000 miles away, or just the next town over from where you live.
As they say, “Attitude is Everything”. With the right attitude, you can do and go anywhere you want. Though difficult, the enjoyment, experience and memories are worth the effort.

All of our accessible lifestyle vacations are created to harmonize our clients’ abilities with the accessible resources necessary for slow walkers and wheelchair travelers to vacation in a barrier free environment.
Our wheelchair accessible group vacations welcome children, families, single travelers, and their friends. Our groups visit the living classrooms of culture and history around the world. As a private alternative we also create custom accessible vacations for travelers who want their own private accessible vacation at their own pace.
With now 15+ years of experience making dreams come true for travelers with wheels, we know wheelchair accessible travel firsthand. We believe you should enjoy your next accessible vacation with no surprises – that’s the way we see it and that’s the way you imagine it should be.

Assisted Travel
Sometimes travel is much easier with someone who can help you with daily tasks, like dressing, shopping, changing money and getting around. For anyone who feels they need assistance along the way, our guided safaris/holidays with one of our trained team-members is ideal.

Transport & Accommodation:
Our custom built Safari Land Cruisers are adapted and have access ramps and a European wheelchair locking system to ensure safe travel and handy for those guest who prefer to remain in their seat instead of making a transfer into a regular car seat. Our driver-guides have a lot of experience and will make sure you can enjoy your holiday without worries and allow you to discover the wonders of African wildlife.
We utilize the services of accommodation facilities that are disabled friendly throughout your stay with us.

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